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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Gay Glee: Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist) naked

Gay Glee: Jake Puckerman (Jacob Artist) shows off his butt hole, he can even make it wink if he wants to.
*I'm on holidays for 2.5 weeks, so I'm not making new fakes, I'm only uploading stuff I've done before my break, this is another fake I did a week ago. Soon I won't be updating for at least 2 weeks.*


  1. Enjoy your holiday buddy ;)

    As far as this fake goes... it's awesome, as always! I swear, I become more and more attracted to Jacob Artist as time passes.

    1. i think i have 1 or 2 more jake puckerman to upload :) and then im off the grid, wont have internet for about 12 days.

    2. Looking forward to those uploads ;)

      Enjoy your holiday man! You deserve it!

    3. thanks :) im leaving in 2 days night, so ill upload jake's fake in a few hours, cuz i gotta upload all these fakes before im leave and wont have internet for 2 weeks!

  2. Have fun, Alex! :D
    We'll miss ya. ;)