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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

One Direction Orgy - Fuck while we're young *request*

One Direction Orgy - Fuck while we're young.
Tonight let's get some! And fuck while we're young.


  1. I didn't think "Live While We're Young"'s lyrics could be anymore subjective of sex... I was wrong xD

    That said... oh my god this is so hot. Poor Niall is missing out though :P

    1. yeh i feel bad for Niall, but i couldn't fit him in.
      i mean have you ever seeing a fifth wheel on a car? LOLLL

    2. Actually yes :P On the back of it. It's the spare wheel xD

    3. all the songs are sexually suggestive lol
      those lyrics "come on come into my life" lol i always imagine they are asking for guys to blow on them.

    4. Every song's lyrics are suggestive if you think of it that way. I mean... the Beatles? "Come together, right now, over me." ... yep.

  2. Found it- and daaaamn. You got pages of 1d I haven't seen yet. Doin my best to resist going through all in 1 sitting.
    Looks so good I'm tempted to finish the song haha.


  3. awesome post. no niall tho.. :( haha thanks for all the 1D posts love them so much